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Inmarsat Fleet One Optimized Package

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Package: Inmarsat Fleet One Optimized Package
Inmarsat Fleet One marine satellite internet system Inmarsat Fleet One Optimized Package


This Inmarsat fleet one package uses the red port optimizer router along with XGate to only allow Email and Weather application use, while blocking other applications that could be using data in the background. No more frustrating moments wondering where all your data was spent. If you are looking for satellite internet on your boat and can get by with 100kbps or less, Fleet One terminal is the best reviewed low cost solution on the market. Small and compact antenna for easy installation on any boat. Based on Solid Inmarsat i4 Network provides reliable network coverage and connectivity anywhere at sea. Send email, get weather data and make phone calls from your phone using the voice services from Fleet One no matter how far offshore you are. Suitable internet solution for small vessels, sailboats and fishing vessels. Available for purchase or rent with affordable services plans built for any budget. We provide coastal plans, offshore plans and global plans. Choose the option most suitable for you. Talk to one of our agents for more information and pricing, get free consultation and a quick quote to find out what it would cost to install this system on your boat.

Watch Our Video Below To Learn More About The Inmarsat Fleet One Terminal

Instructional Video Includes :

Connecting with the LMR cables - Connecting ethernet cable through the below deck unit - Turning on the below deck unit - Connecting external antenna cable - Run-through on control panel features - Browsing the web

Watch Our Video Below To Learn How to Set-up XGate Email w/ PredictWind Forecasts