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EcoFlow DELTA Max 1600 + 110W Solar Panel

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  • Expandable Capacity: The DELTA Max unit starts with a 2kWh capacity and can expand up to 6kWh.
  • Dual Charging Options: Charges from 0-80% in 1 hour, with the ability to combine AC, solar, or Smart Generator charging.
  • Power Home Devices: With X-Boost technology, it powers up to 3000W heavy-duty devices.
  • Max Solar Efficiency: Connects with 800W Max solar panels, featuring smart MPPT for optimal solar charge.
  • Emergency Backup: Smart Generator integrates seamlessly for automatic emergency power.
  • Smart Energy Management: Control and monitor with the EcoFlow app for customized energy use.
  • Solar System Compatibility: Works with the EcoFlow PowerStream Balcony Solar System.


Reliable Home Energy Solution

The EcoFlow DELTA Max 1600 Portable Power Station paired with the EcoFlow 110W Solar Panel presents a powerful duo for energy independence. This bundle is meticulously designed to serve as a robust backup during power outages, ensuring that your home stays operational when the grid fails. With the DELTA Max 1600’s expandable capacity, you can scale up to an impressive 6kWh, providing hours of power to essential devices like fridges and lights.

Efficient and Rapid Charging

Charging your DELTA Max is both convenient and versatile. It can achieve a substantial charge from 0 to 80% in just one hour. The power station supports dual charging options, allowing you to combine AC power with solar, or pair it with a Smart Generator for faster charging, giving you the flexibility to utilize the most convenient power sources available.

Powering Your Home Devices

Empower your home with the ability to run 99% of your devices thanks to EcoFlow's innovative X-Boost technology. The DELTA Max can handle high-wattage appliances up to 3000W, enabling you to maintain comfort and convenience by powering crucial appliances like refrigerators and dryers during power interruptions.

Solar Power Harnessing

The bundle's solar efficiency is unmatched, with the capability to connect up to 800W of EcoFlow solar panels for maximum solar input. The included 110W Solar Panel, with its broad voltage range and solar connector, integrates seamlessly, while the smart MPPT algorithm continuously adapts to changing light conditions, maximizing solar energy collection throughout the day.

Assured Emergency Backup

In dire situations where extended blackouts are a possibility, the DELTA Max works in harmony with the EcoFlow Smart Generator. This generator kicks in automatically when the power station's charge level falls, ensuring that you always have a backup power source ready to go.

Smart Energy Management

Take control of your energy use with the intuitive EcoFlow app. This platform offers the convenience of monitoring and managing your power usage remotely, giving you the freedom to customize settings to your preference and maintain efficient energy use.

Seamless Integration with EcoFlow Ecosystem

The DELTA Max 1600 integrates smoothly with the EcoFlow PowerStream Balcony Solar System. This allows for a more comprehensive solar energy solution that contributes to powering your home and reducing energy bills, making it an intelligent choice for sustainable living.

Innovative Solar Panel Technology

The EcoFlow 110W Portable Solar Panel is a marvel of portability and efficiency. It boasts a leading conversion rate and a self-supporting structure that eases the setup process. Its durability is certified with an IP68 waterproof rating, ensuring that it can withstand the elements and provide reliable solar energy capture whenever needed.


  • Expandable power
  • 1-hour fast charge
  • Powers 99% devices
  • Highly portable
  • Durable design
  • High conversion rate
  • Self-supporting stand
  • IP68 waterproof solar panel


EcoFlow DELTA Max 1600 + 110W Solar Panel Includes:

Technical Specifications

  • DELTA 1600 Weight: 48 lbs
  • 110W Solar Panel Weight: 8.8 lbs