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EcoFlow DELTA Max 2000 + Extra Battery

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  • Extended Power Capacity: Up to 6kWh
  • Rapid Recharging: 0-80% in 65 minutes
  • High-Speed Charging: Up to 3400W
  • X-Boost Technology: Powers up to 3400W devices
  • Solar Charging Compatibility: Up to 800W
  • Eco-Friendly Power: Solar generator feature
  • Real-Time Monitoring: LCD screen & EcoFlow app
  • Versatile Charging Options: AC, solar, vehicle, generator


Comprehensive Emergency Power Solution

The EcoFlow DELTA Max 2000 Power Station, combined with an Extra Battery, provides an unmatched emergency power supply, extending up to 6kWh. This setup ensures your essential home appliances remain operational, even during prolonged power outages. Seamlessly integrating with smart extra batteries, the DELTA Max keeps your home powered with ease.

Rapid and Versatile Charging Options

Experience swift recharging with the capability to power the DELTA Max from 0-80% in just 65 minutes. For even faster charging, combine AC charging and the EcoFlow Smart Generator to achieve speeds up to 3400W. The addition of the DELTA Max Extra Battery enhances the system's flexibility, allowing for simultaneous charging and discharging, ensuring you're always prepared.

High-Capacity Device Powering

Equipped with X-Boost technology, the DELTA Max effortlessly supports heavy-duty devices up to 3400W, including your fridge and dryer. This power station not only excels in emergency situations but also serves as a robust power source for your high-demand electrical appliances.

Maximized Solar Charging Efficiency

With compatibility for up to 800W of solar input via 2x 400W EcoFlow solar panels, the DELTA Max stands as a premier solar-powered generator. This setup promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle by powering your appliances and tools with renewable solar energy, reducing reliance on traditional power sources.

Intuitive Power Management

The integration of an LCD screen on the Extra Battery unit offers real-time monitoring of power statistics, including battery percentage, charging times, and more. Coupled with the EcoFlow app, users can effortlessly check the status and manage their power needs with convenience and precision.


  • Up to 6kWh Capacity
  • 0-80% in 65 Min
  • 3400W Speed Charging
  • X-Boost for 3400W Devices
  • 800W Solar Input
  • Solar-Powered Generator
  • LCD & App Monitoring
  • Multiple Charging Ways


EcoFlow DELTA Max 2000 + Extra Battery Includes:

Technical Specifications

  • DELTA Max 2000 Weight: 48 lbs
  • Max Extra Battery Weight: 42 lbs