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EcoFlow DELTA Max 2000 + 220W Solar Panel

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  • High Capacity: 2016Wh to power essential devices.
  • Rapid Charging: 0-80% in 65 minutes.
  • Versatile Output: 2400W AC, powers up to 99% of home appliances.
  • Efficient Solar: 220W bifacial panel captures more energy.
  • Durable Build: Tempered glass, waterproof, and portable design.



The EcoFlow DELTA Max 2000 and 220W Bifacial Portable Solar Panel bundle provides a robust and efficient power solution for home and outdoor use. This combination ensures reliable energy storage and generation, making it ideal for emergency backup, off-grid living, and outdoor adventures.


High Capacity for Home and Beyond

The DELTA Max 2000 features a substantial 2kWh capacity, sufficient to keep essential home appliances running during power outages. It can power a wide range of devices with its 2400W AC output and 3400W X-Boost mode, making it versatile for both home and heavy-duty applications.

Rapid and Multiple Charging Methods

EcoFlow’s X-Stream fast charging technology allows the DELTA Max 2000 to charge from 0-80% in just 65 minutes. It supports multiple charging methods including AC wall outlets, solar panels, and car chargers, ensuring you can recharge it no matter where you are.

Smart Control and Monitoring

With the EcoFlow app, you can monitor and control the DELTA Max 2000 remotely. The app allows you to customize settings, check charging status, and manage power usage, providing convenience and flexibility.

Reliable and Safe

The DELTA Max 2000 is equipped with a reliable battery management system (BMS) that monitors its vitals in real-time, regulating voltage, current, and temperature. This ensures safety and maintains the longevity of the power station.


Enhanced Solar Efficiency

The 220W bifacial design of the solar panel allows it to capture more energy by using both sides. The primary side provides 220W, while the rear side captures an additional 155W from ambient light, increasing overall efficiency by up to 23%.

Durable and Weatherproof

Constructed with tempered glass, the solar panel is designed to withstand harsh conditions. It’s five times tougher than comparable panels and has an IP68 waterproof rating, making it suitable for all weather conditions.

Portable and Convenient

The solar panel is compact and lightweight, designed for easy transport. It comes with a carry case that doubles as a kickstand, allowing you to adjust the angle for optimal sun exposure.


The integration of the DELTA Max 2000 with the 220W bifacial solar panel creates a powerful energy system capable of providing continuous power in various situations. Whether you are facing a power outage at home or camping in the wilderness, this bundle ensures you have a reliable source of energy to keep your devices running.


  • 6kWh Expandability
  • 65-Minute Charging
  • Multi-Source Charging
  • 25% Extra Solar
  • Heat Resistant
  • Space-Saving Design
  • All-Weather Proof


EcoFlow DELTA Max 2000 + 220W Solar Panel Includes:

Technical Specifications

  • DELTA Max 2000 Weight: 48 lbs
  • 220W Solar Panel Weight: 20.9 lbs