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EcoFlow DELTA Pro 3 Extra Battery

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$2,399 .00  
$2,599.00 Save $200.00 (8%)
  • Space-Saving Stackable Design: Mounts on top of DELTA Pro 3
  • Power Capacity: Provides an extra 4kWh, up to 12kWh total with two batteries
  • Effortless Integration: Connects via extra battery port
  • Compact Form Factor: Ideal for limited space
  • Simple Attachment: Quick and secure connection


Enhanced Power Capacity

The EcoFlow DELTA Pro 3 Extra Battery significantly enhances the power capacity of the DELTA Pro 3 Power Station, expanding it up to 12kWh with the addition of two extra batteries. This allows for prolonged usage of essential home appliances, ensuring uninterrupted power during extended outages or off-grid adventures.

Space-Saving Stackable Design

The DELTA Pro 3 Extra Battery features a sleek, stackable design that mounts directly on top of the DELTA Pro 3 Power Station, efficiently powering your home. Its compact form factor makes it ideal for those with limited space, offering a stylish and practical way to increase your power capacity..

Effortless Integration

Connecting the DELTA Pro 3 Extra Battery to the DELTA Pro 3 Power Station is simple and hassle-free. The battery connects via the extra battery port, allowing for quick and secure attachment. This seamless integration ensures your power system is always ready to meet your energy needs. The ease of connection means you can expand your power station's capacity with no technical expertise.

Increased Versatility

With the addition of the Extra Battery, the DELTA Pro 3 Power Station becomes even more versatile. The enhanced capacity allows you to power multiple high-demand appliances for extended periods. Whether you need backup power for your home or a reliable power source for outdoor activities, the DELTA Pro 3 with Extra Battery delivers unmatched performance. The ability to scale your power output up to 12kWh means you can handle larger loads and longer usage times.