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EcoFlow WAVE 2 + DELTA 2 + XT150

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  • Temperature Adjustment: Fast, efficient changes
  • Extended Runtime: Up to 8 hours of uninterrupted service
  • High Capacity: 3600 watts output
  • Modular Power Expansion: Add up to three extra batteries
  • Designed for Portability: Easy to transport
  • Energy Efficient: Superior operation for both cooling and heating
  • Smart Features: Remote control, app integration
  • Wide Operating Range: Adaptive to Various Environments
  • Fast Charging: AC, solar and car charging options


The EcoFlow WAVE 2 + DELTA 2 + XT150 Kit

The EcoFlow WAVE 2 + DELTA 2 + XT150 kit combines the efficiency of the WAVE 2 Portable Air Conditioner with the reliability of the DELTA 2 Portable Power Station and the connectivity of the DELTA Max Extra Battery Cable. This trio offers a seamless integration of cooling, heating, and power solutions, designed for those who value both efficiency and flexibility. The WAVE 2 air conditioner, notable for its custom-made compressor, can adjust temperatures by 18℉ (10℃) in just 5 minutes, offering 5100BTU cooling and 6100BTU heating modes. The DELTA 2 power station enhances this package by providing up to 3600 watts of output, with the option to expand capacity with up to three extra batteries. This kit is an ideal choice for a range of environments, from outdoor adventures to home backup during power outages.

Design and Portability

Emphasizing portability and ease of use, the WAVE 2 air conditioner requires no installation or drainage in cooling mode, making it perfectly suited for compact spaces and mobile use. Its design allows for hassle-free transportation to various settings, including tents, RVs, and off-grid locations. The DELTA 2 complements this mobility by offering a robust, durable build that's prepared to face the demands of outdoor and emergency use. Together, they provide a versatile and powerful solution for maintaining comfort and connectivity, no matter where you are.

Performance and Efficiency

The combined kit excels in performance and energy efficiency. The WAVE 2 boasts a cooling capacity of 1500W and heating capacity of 1800W, with a broad temperature setting range. It operates efficiently under various conditions, supported by an IPX4 rating. The DELTA 2 power station, with its fast AC charging and solar panel compatibility, ensures that your devices and the air conditioner itself remain powered. This synergy between the air conditioner and power station guarantees optimal performance, while minimizing energy consumption.

Smart Features and Connectivity

Enhancing user experience with smart functionalities, the kit includes multiple input options and innovative features like the no-drain function in the WAVE 2 and remote control capabilities via the EcoFlow app for the DELTA 2. The included XT150 cable facilitates the connection between the DELTA 2 and additional battery units or smart generators, expanding the system’s capacity and versatility. This smart integration allows for a more customized and convenient control over your environment and energy usage.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

At the core of this kit is a commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability. The WAVE 2 air conditioner demonstrates this with its superior energy ratings, while the DELTA 2 power station offers an eco-friendly charging option through solar panels. This kit not only provides a practical solution to your heating, cooling, and power needs but also does so with a minimal environmental footprint. Its components are designed for long-lasting use, ensuring reliability and performance for years to come.


  • Fast Temperature Adjustments
  • 8-Hour Runtime
  • 3600W Power Output
  • Expandable Energy
  • Transportable Build
  • High Efficiency
  • Smart Control
  • Versatile Use
  • Quick and Modular Charge