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EcoFlow WAVE 2 + DELTA Max 2000 + XT150

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  • Fast Temperature Change: Adjusts 18℉ in 5 minutes
  • High Cooling/Heating Output: 5100BTU/6100BTU
  • Extended Power Capacity: Up to 6kWh with extras
  • Rapid Charging: 0-80% in 65 minutes
  • Portable and Compact: Easy to carry and use
  • Smart Features: Enhanced user experience
  • Solar Charging Support: Up to 800W input
  • Dual Charging Capability: AC and solar options
  • Wireless Running: With swappable battery


Complete Environmental Control and Power Solution

The EcoFlow WAVE 2 Portable Air Conditioner and DELTA Max 2000 Power Station, paired with the XT150 Extra Battery Cable, provide a comprehensive solution for managing your environment and power needs. The WAVE 2, with its 5100BTU cooling and 6100BTU heating capabilities, ensures your space is always at the perfect temperature. It's capable of changing temperatures by 18℉ within just 5 minutes, making it ideal for quick comfort adjustments.

Portability and Power on the Go

Designed for ease of use and mobility, the EcoFlow WAVE 2 can be taken anywhere. Its compact size (51.8cm x 29.7cm x 33.6cm) and lightweight design (14.5kg) make it perfect for outdoor activities, vehicles, and off-grid living. When it comes to power, the DELTA Max 2000 shines by offering up to 6kWh capacity with smart extra batteries, ensuring that you have reliable energy wherever you go. With the added XT150 cable, expanding your system's power capacity is straightforward and efficient.

Effective Charging and Energy Use

The DELTA Max 2000 supports rapid charging, achieving 0-80% in just 65 minutes, and can harness up to 800W from solar panels for an eco-friendly power solution. The WAVE 2 air conditioner also stands out for its energy efficiency, with a rating of 2.7/3.0 (cooling/heating AC) and 3.0/3.3 (cooling/heating DC), making it a sustainable choice for temperature management.

Smart Features for Enhanced Experience

Both the WAVE 2 and DELTA Max 2000 come equipped with smart features to enhance user experience. The WAVE 2 boasts a no-drain function, overflow shutdown, and an IPX4 rating, perfect for various environments. The DELTA Max, on the other hand, allows for power expansion and dual charging capabilities, making it versatile for different power needs.

Comprehensive Kit for Modern Needs

This kit combines the best of EcoFlow's technology to offer a seamless integration of temperature control and power supply. Whether you're at home, on the move, or enjoying the outdoors, this combination ensures you're prepared for any situation. The included XT150 cable ensures that extending your power supply is never a hassle, making this kit an essential for anyone looking for a reliable, portable, and efficient environmental control and power solution.


  • Adjusts Temperature Quickly
  • High BTU Output
  • 6kWh Power Expansion
  • Fast Recharge Time
  • Portable Design
  • Energy Saving
  • Solar Compatible
  • Dual Charge Options
  • Wireless Operation