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Peplink Land Mobility Package

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Package: Peplink Land Mobility Package
Peplink MAX Transit Pro Dual-Modem Router Peplink Land Mobility Package Starlink Trailblazer Land Mobility Bundle


Enterprise-Grade Networking for Land-Based Mobility

The Peplink Land Mobility Package is engineered to meet the robust networking needs of businesses and fixed sites requiring high mobility. This comprehensive solution includes the Peplink AP One AX Lite Access Point, Peplink Mobility 42G Antenna, Peplink MAX Transit Duo Pro modem, Peplink 8-port POE SD Switch, and a Virtual WAN Activation License, offering a top-tier networking infrastructure designed for enterprise-grade deployments.

Superior Wireless Performance

The package features the Peplink AP One AX Lite Access Point which utilizes Wi-Fi 6 technology to provide enhanced speeds and increased device capacity. It is perfect for environments requiring seamless roaming and efficient power management. Its dual-band 2x2 MU-MIMO ensures robust connectivity, critical for maintaining uninterrupted service in dynamic business settings.

Robust Connectivity with Advanced Mobility

Equipped with the Peplink Mobility 42G Antenna, this package guarantees superior mobile signal strength and reliability. The antenna supports a comprehensive 7-in-1 design, integrating multiple LTE/5G and Wi-Fi channels to ensure broad coverage and consistent connectivity across various operational scenarios, ideal for land-based vehicles and mobile units.

Unbreakable Internet with Versatile Modem

At the core of this package, the Peplink MAX Transit Duo Pro provides unparalleled internet connectivity with its dual-modem setup, ensuring continuous internet service through redundant SIM slots and SpeedFusion Cloud technology. This feature is especially beneficial for vehicles and remote sites where constant connectivity is a must.

Efficient Network Management and Expansion

Completing the setup, the Peplink 8-port POE SD Switch offers high-speed network expansion capabilities and intelligent power management, essential for integrating multiple network devices seamlessly. With cloud-based configuration and monitoring, this switch simplifies network management, making it highly suitable for enterprise environments that require a reliable and scalable network infrastructure.


  • - Wi-Fi 6 enabled
  • - 7-in-1 antenna design
  • - Dual 5G modems
  • - 20 Gbps switch capacity
  • - Virtual WAN management