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Peplink MAX Adapter (5G)

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Compatible with Windows/Linux and supported Peplink routers:

• Balance series: 20, 20X, 30 LTE, 30 Pro, One, Two, 210, 310 5G, 310 Fiber 5G, 310X, 305, 380, 380X, 580, 580X, 710, 1350, 2500, SDX, SDX Pro

• MAX series: BR1 ENT, HD2, HD2 Mini, HD4, MBX


Built to last forever Designed for continuous high-traffic operation. Sturdy industrial-strength construction.
Industry-leading features and functionality, easy on the wallet.
Built with two SIM slots and an eSIM, the MAX Adapter always has a way to connect.
Light and sleek enclosure for easy portability during travel. Fits in the palm of your hands.
Use the SpeedFusion Cloud to build an unbreakable VPN to any SpeedFusion-enabled device.