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Starlink Gen 3 Secure Transport Case

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  • Custom-Fit Design: Securely stores all essential Starlink components.
  • Rugged Protection: Ensures performance in any outdoor setting.
  • Organized Storage: Quick and easy access to equipment.


Starlink Secure Transport Case

The 22144 – Rugged Travel Case is engineered to house and safeguard Starlink equipment, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity in any environment. Designed with precision and innovation, this case is the ideal companion for a Starlink setup, offering unparalleled protection and convenience.

Tailored Design

Crafted specifically for the Starlink Standard (Flat with Kickstand), the 22144 case provides a custom-fit solution to securely store all essential components, including the satellite dish, router, cables, and accessories.

Rugged Protection and Weather Resistance

Whether it’s rain, snow, or extreme temperatures, the Starlink equipment remains protected, ensuring reliable performance in any outdoor setting.

Organized Storage

The thoughtfully designed interior of this case ensures quick and easy access to the equipment whenever needed.

Key Features and Benefits

  • 2lb Low Abrasion Polythelene Foam: Provides superior cushioning and protection.
  • Pressure Relief Valve: Prevents pressure build-up in changing altitudes.
  • Built-In Pull Handle and Two Inch Wide Wheels: For easy transportation.
  • Ultra High-Strength Polypropylene Copolymer Resin: Ensures durability and ruggedness.
  • Adaptable for TSA Locks: Offers added security during travel.
  • Rubber Over-Molded Cushion Grip Handles: Provides comfort while carrying.
  • Oversized Double Grip Carrying Handle: Enhances ease of handling.

Why Choose Starlink Secure Transport Case?

The Starlink Secure Transport Case ensures that Starlink equipment is always ready for use, no matter the environment. With its robust design and thoughtful features, this case is the perfect solution for those who need reliable, organized, and secure storage and transport for their Starlink setup.


  • Starlink Standard (Flat with Kickstand)
  • Gen 3 Router
  • Power Supply
  • 50′ Starlink Cable
  • 5′ AC Cable
  • AC Port Plug with 16 Inch Extension Cord and 3′ Cat6 Cable included with case
  • Cat6 RJ45 Ethernet port