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Iridium 9505A Complete Kit (preowned)

SKU: SPS-PNT-10020-N

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satellite service plan selection
Allows you to roll your unused minuted month to month

We are now offering new customers signing up for any of our Iridium monthly plans for 12 months a free 9505A preowned satellite phone. These 9505a Iridium satellite phones are in great condition with minimal signs of use. The plan must stay on for a minimum of 12 months and we offer roll over and a usa number as additional options. Order with the 9505a data adapter, the Satellite Optimizer router and USB to Serial cable to use the phone for email and weather applications. The Iridium 9505A satellite phone is the proven work horse of the Iridium network. It is significantly smaller, lighter and more resistant to water, dust and shock than the original Iridium 9500 and is ideal for industrial or rugged conditions, yet appealing to the traveling professional. It is used in almost every country by government agencies, first responders, business people, and remote travelers alike. Iridium satellite phones are used by emergency personnel all over the world.

Iridum 9505A Complete Kit Contents

  • Iridium 9505A Handheld Satellite Phone
  • Battery
  • AC/DC Wall Charger
  • Antenna Adapter
  • Portable Auxiliary Antenna
  • Earpiece
  • Leather Case
  • User’s Guide.
  • 1 Year SPS Warranty.

Iridium 9505A Technical Specifications

    Talk Time:
    • Provides up to 38 hours of standby time
    • Provides up to 3 hours of talk time
    • 4 x 16 character Illuminated graphic display
    • Illuminated holographic display
    Calling Features:
    • Auto redial notification call barring
    • Call Forwarding - unconditional, mobile subscriber busy, subscriber not reachable
    • Clear last digit/clear all digits
    • Fixed dialing
    • International access key sequence (+ key)
    • Mailbox for numeric & text (120 characters)
    • Quick access interface
    • Selectable keypad tone (3 choices)
    • Selectable ringer tone (10 choices)
    • Keypad disable
    • Unanswered call indicator
    • Volume adjustment (earpiece or ringer)
    • 100 alpha and numeric memory storage
    • Last 10 numbers dialed
    • Name storage (recall by name or location)
    • Memory scroll by location
    • 32-Digit number capacity phone book
    • 16-Digit name tag
    • One-touch dialing
    • Subscriber identity module card (additional memory storage)
    Indicators/Alert Features:
    • Battery meter
    • Signal strength meter
Visual/Audible Features:
  • Battery meter (always shown in display)
  • Emergency calling
  • Illuminated keypad
  • Low battery warning
  • Status review of features
  • Visual display of volume settings
Usage Control Features:
  • Automatic display call timer
  • Automatic lock, call restrictions
  • Display call timers (last call / total calls)
  • Display/change unlock code
  • Electronic lock
  • Programmable audible call timer
  • Subscriber identity module PIN availability (security code)
  • Dimensions: 158L x 62W x 59D mm
  • Volume: under 375cc (22.9 ci)
  • Weight: under 375g (13.2 ounces)
  • Operating frequency: 1616-1626.5 MHz, L-band
  • Link margin: 15.5 dB
  • Operating temperature: -30/+60 degrees Celsius using external power source; 20/+60 degrees Celsius using Lithium Ion battery
  • Multiplexing method: TDMA/FDMA
  • Power: 0.57 watts average