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Satellite Equipment Repairs provides in-house warranty and repair services for Iridium Satellite Phones and Inmarsat BGAN Terminals. We offer a variety of options for repair and maintenance services, including several maintenance programs and extended warranty and service plans.

General Repair Price Schedule

Repair and maintenance RMA form

The following price schedule applies to repairs of Iridium Satellite Phones not covered under warranty or by a SatellitePhoneStore service plan, including out-of-warranty repairs and physical damage which voids the manufacturer's warranty.

RMA In Warranty Repair/Replacement Price
Bench Test/Evaluation Out of Warranty Repair/RMA Bench Test(includes re-flash, and cleaning) $130
Level 1 Replacement of front/back housing, microphone, speaker, capacitor, keypad, or water damage cleaning $250
Level 2 Replacement of LCD, keypad board, antenna swivel socket/sensor, volume switch, SIM card reader/latch door/MMI PCB, Data port $300
Level 3 Electronic component/PCI board repair. Re-soldering of power jack, headset jack, or SIM card readers $450

BGAN Terminal Repairs For all BGAN repairs, except those covered by a SatellitePhoneStore service plan, customers must contact us for pricing.

Water Damaged Equipment If a unit is submerged/water damaged, take the battery out as quickly as possible to prevent further damage to the main board. The longer the unit sits, the more corrosion sets in, so the equipment should be sent in for treatment as soon as possible. This process is not guaranteed. Any submerged unit will possibly need other parts replaced which would be added at that time.

Standard Repair Rates Our standard labor rate for repairs is $130 per hour, parts not included.

Offsite Repairs Any repair services provided offsite by a SPS technician will incur additional charges for travel expenses, lodging, and/or after hours/weekend labor rates.

Independent Agent All repairs done through SatellitePhoneStore are done in a thorough and professional manner by trained technicians. We do not represent any satellite communication network as a service and repair center. We are an independent agent.

Repair and warranty information

Repair and maintenance RMA form

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