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EPIRB & PLB Battery Replacement

EPIRB emergency

Batteries for ACR Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRB) should be
replaced every five years to ensure proper functioning.

Turnaround time for EPIRB services averages 5 days from receipt.

Price may vary based on the model serviced and shipping cost.

Our Full Battery Replacement Service Includes

Battery Replacement Parts

ACR Certified Battery Replacement Service

Test Vertification Report

Full Physical Integrity Check

Pressure Test & Inspection For Cracks and Fractures

RF / Data Transmission Test

Hydro Sensor Test

Weight Test & Proper Balancing Of Internal Components

Replacement Of Cap Seal & O-Rings

Installation Of The New Battery

Disposal Of The Old Battery

Notes for battery

We carry a limited stock of batteries to insure a 5 year guarantee on every replacement we perform. Turnaround times may vary if stock is not available at the time of service.

Please be aware that any EPIRB or PLB sent for repair with a cracked or fractured housing will have to be sent to ACR Electronics in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for replacement, which may extend the turnaround time.

Shipping Your EPIRB

When shipping your EPIRB for battery replacement, please be sure to remove and include
the antenna by following these instructions:


Gently Remove the antenna by
unscrewing at the base.


Secure antenna to the body of your
EPIRB with rubber band or tape prior to

*Return shipping to HI, AK, PR and all US Territories is higher, please contact us for a shipping quote.

Attention International Customers

The Customs Value for return shipments is the actual amount paid for battery replacement service.
Any VAT or other customs taxes assessed by the receiving country are the responsibility of the customer.

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There is a battery expiration date label on every beacon.

EPIRB emergency

No. The battery cannot be purchased. This is a life saving device and you need to have the tools, hardware and software to perform a battery replacement.

Full functional testing is done on the unit, after the battery is replaced, to make sure that the unit will last another 5 years in the field.

The chances of surviving a life threatening situation is greatly diminished if proper care and maintenance is not given to a beacon.

Yes, as this is a lifesaving device it should be diligently maintained to perform as specified. For this unit to transmit for the full 48 hours

it will need a new battery as any inadvertent activation will deplete the existing battery.

For information about disposal of lithium batteries or products with lithium batteries in them, please contact your local waste management company.