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Satellite Phone Store Blog & Updates

Emergency Preparedness: Must-Have Gadgets and Gear

Jun 14, 2024

This guide covers essential emergency preparedness gear, including satellite phones, emergency radios, EcoFlow power solutions, and survival kits. Learn about must-have items and practical tips to build a comprehensive emergency kit, ensuring you're ready for any crisis.

Staying Connected During Hurricane Season: The Essential Role of Satellite Phones

May 30, 2024

As hurricane season intensifies, reliable communication is crucial. Satellite phones provide an essential lifeline during natural disasters, offering uninterrupted connectivity, global coverage, and durability. By including satellite phones and other emergency preparedness products from Satellite Phone Store in your disaster readiness kit, you can stay connected and safe, no matter the storm.

In Light of Recent Events: Why Backup Comms and Satellite Connectivity Are No Longer Optional

Mar 5, 2024

Recent events like the nationwide cell outage in the US and alleged attacks on undersea internet cables highlight our dependence on vulnerable communication systems. This article explores why various businesses and individuals, from those in high-risk areas to those operating in critical sectors, should consider investing in backup communication solutions like satellite connectivity. It details the benefits of satellite communication in ensuring operational continuity, maintaining safety, and staying informed during disruptions, making it a wise investment in today's increasingly unpredictable world.