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Iridium Satellite Network - Sat Constellation & Service Plans

Iridium Satellite Network

The Largest Reliable Satellite Network

Iridium satellite phone users can rely on the Iridium global satellite network to work everywhere on the planet, when they need it.

Why Choose the Iridium Satellite Network?

Global Satellite Coverage

Iridium offers truly global coverage, including the poles, oceans, and remote areas. No matter where you are on Earth, you can stay connected with an Iridium satellite phone or device.

Reliable Satellite Network

The Iridium network consists of 66 satellites in low Earth orbit, providing reliable, low-latency communication. Whether you're using it for voice, data, or emergency services, you can depend on Iridium's robust network.

Broad Range of Services

Iridium provides a wide range of services, including voice calls, data transfer, messaging, and IoT connectivity. With Iridium Certus, consumers can access high-speed data, making it suitable for various communication needs.

Iridium: The Ultimate Satellite Solution for Global Communication

Iridium Satellite

Iridium Satellites

Iridium Satellites are a system of 66 satellites orbiting the Earth, working together to provide global voice and data communication coverage. This Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellation guarantees seamless connectivity, even in the most remote and inaccessible areas of the world.

Iridium Satellite Communications

Leading the way in global communications, Iridium Communications Inc. is a global communications company that specializes in providing satellite-based solutions. They have revolutionized the way industries, governments, and individuals communicate with one another, offering a unique and powerful communication network that spans the entire globe.
Iridium Services

Iridium Services

We offer a wide range of Iridium services to meet your communication needs. Our services include voice services for clear, secure voice calls, data services for internet access and email transfer, short burst data service for IoT applications, and emergency services for safety in remote areas.

Iridium Devices

We offer a variety of Iridium devices, including Iridium phones, broadband terminals, and pagers. These devices are designed to provide reliable communication solutions for individuals and organizations operating in remote areas. They feature robust design, superior voice quality, and global coverage.

Iridium Phone
Iridium Worldwide

Iridium's Global Reach

With Iridium's global reach, you can stay connected no matter where you are in the world. Whether you're on land, at sea, or in the air, you can rely on Iridium's network for clear, reliable communication.

Why Choose Iridium?

Choosing Iridium means choosing a provider with a proven track record of reliability and innovation. With Iridium, you can enjoy secure, reliable, and high-quality voice and data communication anywhere in the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Iridium satellite network?

The Iridium satellite network is a constellation of 66 satellites in Low Earth Orbit that provides global communication services, including voice, data, and messaging. It offers unparalleled coverage and connectivity for various applications.

How does Iridium Certus work?

Iridium Certus is a global satellite service platform that uses the L-band frequency and Iridium's constellation of satellites to deliver communication services. It offers coverage and a range of speeds up to 704 Kbps for various communication needs.

What are the speed classes of Iridium Certus?

Iridium Certus has three speed classes: Certus 100 for IoT applications, Certus 200 for basic internet and voice, and Certus 700 for the fastest L-band internet broadband speeds.

What is Iridium GMDSS?

Iridium GMDSS is a global safety and security service for mariners, offering reliable coverage, capability and cost advantages over other options. It is the first and only GMDSS solution to offer truly global coverage, including polar regions.

What are the benefits of Iridium Edge?

Iridium Edge is a satellite IoT communication device that provides global coverage, easy integration, ruggedness, and cost-effectiveness. It is designed to help businesses rapidly expand their IoT applications without the complications and delays associated with hardware development, testing, and certification.

Can I use my Iridium phone indoors?

Iridium satellite phones need a clear view of the sky to operate, but you can use an external antenna or docking station to use your Iridium phone indoors or in a vehicle.

What is Iridium Push-to-Talk (PTT)?

Iridium PTT is a global, real-time, voice and data service. It allows you to communicate between groups of people, instantly and simultaneously, with the push of a button. It operates like a two-way radio, but with the coverage of the Iridium satellite network.

What is Iridium Connected?

Iridium Connected refers to the state of being linked to the Iridium satellite network, enabling global communication and connectivity through various Iridium services and devices, including phones, data transceivers, and IoT devices.

What is the Iridium NEXT?

Iridium NEXT was a major upgrade project for the Iridium satellite constellation. Completed in 2019, it replaced all original Iridium satellites with new, advanced satellites to ensure the continuity and enhancement of Iridium's services.

What services does Iridium provide?

Iridium provides a range of services including voice and data communication, Iridium Push-to-Talk (PTT), Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD) for IoT applications, maritime and aviation services, and emergency and disaster recovery services, all with global coverage.

Is Iridium's coverage truly global?

Yes, Iridium is the only satellite communication provider that offers truly global coverage. Its constellation of 66 cross-linked Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites covers the entire planet, including oceans, airways, and polar regions.

Can I use Iridium services on my smartphone?

While Iridium services require an Iridium device for direct access, there are products like Iridium GO! that create a Wi-Fi hotspot to which you can connect your smartphone, enabling you to use Iridium services via an app on your phone.

Iridium + Satellite Phone Store

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