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Fleet Broadband

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I’d have to say that the customer service I received from the Satellite Phone Store was top notch.  Very friendly and willing to listen to, and answer, all of my questions.  My emails were answered in a reasonable amount of time and communication during the procurement process was on point.  Mr. Ryan Garces setup a company profile on our eProcurement website immediately upon notification to do so, and offered us equipment to take on trips around the State of Alaska for testing.  The Iridium calling and data plans can be a little confusing, but Mr.

Ron Frazier DOT/PF, MS/CVE IT

Hi Sue, I didn't think I'd need my sat phone so soon (if ever!) but a week ago I was hiking with my husband and some friends in Big Sur when a guy came running toward us asking if he could use our phone because his didn't work and his dad was up the trail experiencing a heart attack.


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