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Satellite Communication Helps Responders to Turkey & Syria Earthquake

Feb 6, 2023

The death toll of the Turkey/Syria earthquake continues to rise as rescue teams find more and more residents in and under structures. Within 2 hours of the earthquake 1,800 people were already found dead and it’s possible the death toll could keep climbing to as high as 10,000.

As emergency response and rescue teams dig through the rubble of this historic, life-taking earthquake, they must rely on satellite communication due to broken infrastructure & cell towers. With no cellphone service, civilians stuck have no way to communicate to rescue teams, set off location beacons, or to send an SOS. Which could be devastating if they are injured and need aid ASAP.

If an earthquake happened in your region, would you be prepared if a beam fell on your leg and getting found within hours could mean life or death?

This is why satellite communication is incredibly important. Rescue teams can coordinate with each other for efficient rescue operations. They could also send and receive footage to and from headquarters from virtually anywhere, even if the cell towers are down. They could also use sat comms to help them find any residents that are firing off SOS signals. Having your own satellite device could mean the difference between life or death.

Most of us think “what are the odds of this happening in our town” and neglect disaster preparedness protocols and fail to get the comms we need for these very situations.

These are the very reasons why the Satellite Phone Store exist… TO HELP SAVE LIVES. We hear countless stories of how satellite phones, PLBs and other devices have saved people in the most remote places of the world, as well as helped rescue teams find and save hundreds of lives.

Visit and find a device that will ensure you and your family that you’ll have proper comms to communicate with anyone should something like this happen near you.