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Intellian GX60NX 2 Maritime Terminal for Inmarsat Fleet Xpress (FX) Ka band satellite network

$4,995 .00 / wk


Introducing the Inmarsat GX - Intellian GX60NX2 Maritime Fleet Xpress Terminal, the perfect all-in-one solution for maritime communication needs. This compact and lightweight terminal provides easy and convenient installation, reducing the total cost of ownership while maintaining its excellent performance, even in the harshest sea conditions.

The GX60NX2 features a full range-optimized reflector and radome, supporting high-speed Ka-band services, covering the entire commercial Ka 2.5GHz wide frequency band range. It also supports dual-polarization and can transmit and receive both LHCP and RHCP of Ka-band circular polarization.

Installation of the GX60NX2 is quick and easy, thanks to its single cable design that combines Tx, Rx, and DC power into one single solution. The single coaxial cable is connected externally on the base of the radome, with no requirement to access the inside of the radome, reducing complexity for the customer during installation and maintenance.

The GX60NX2 terminal uses an integral unit of multi-band BUC and LNB arranged in a 4.5W Transceiver, capable of using dual polarization for both Tx and Rx with several possible topologies. Additionally, the GX60NX2 can be easily upgraded with the 9W High Power transceiver, without replacing the BDT or requiring additional components, enabling high throughput service.

Intellian's all-new integrated M&C platform, AptusNX, provides a responsive web user interface to manage and control the antenna system, regardless of device types. AptusNX includes an intelligent installation Wizard to simplify system configuration, enabling users to become connected faster than ever before. The platform also includes a diagnosis function, enabling accurate and enhanced antenna performance checks both on-board and remotely, reducing the need for on-board maintenance and improving performance.

With its compact and lightweight design, excellent performance, easy installation, and intuitive management system, the Inmarsat GX - Intellian GX60NX2 Maritime Fleet Xpress Terminal is the ideal solution for any maritime communication needs.


  • Maritime Connectivity Made Simple
  • All in One Below Deck Terminal
  • Enterprise Enabling Speed
  • Industry-leading Standards Compliance
  • From In Port to Online in 4 Hours
  • One Touch Commissioning
  • FB250/500 Compatibility
  • Uninterrupted Global Coverage