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VSAT Mobile Satellite Internet and communications VAN

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$2,200 .00 / wk
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  • High speed satellite internet, voice and TV on the go!
  • Satellite internet connection is established within minutes after antenna deployment
  • Simple as powering the inverter and then powering the antenna unit



This compact live stream van provides extraordinary a satellite uplink service. High-speed satellite internet, voice, and TV on the go! Independently developed by Satellite Phone Store the mobile satellite communications unit is designed to provide voice, data, tv and full internet connectivity with speeds up to 3mbps download and 1mbps upload and unlimited bandwidth in any remote area of the world.

You ask and we deliver. Unlimited satellite internet bandwidth is what our customers asked for and we made sure this broadcasting van provides exactly the same. No more data transfer cap, limits or overcharges. We offer a flat weekly rate that covers all your operating expenses.

High-speed portable satellite internet and uplink services are acquired within minutes of deployment."Plug-n-play" satellite Internet system designed specifically for consumers and small business applications such as VoIP / VPN and more. The mobile communications van is designed to work in tandem with on-site capabilities and responders will be able to coordinate activities with local, regional and federal agencies. Construction companies, Emergency Responders, Police, Fire, EMS, Public Works, Hospitals, Corporations, TV stations, can all remain connected and broadcast fully operational anywhere outside of standard network coverage.


Satellite internet connection is established within minutes after antenna deployment. It is as simple as powering the inverter and then powering the antenna unit. The antenna locks on the satellite signal and establishes an uplink and downlink connection with speeds of 3mbs download and 1mbps upload. This connection is unmetered and offers UNLIMITED bandwidth. The system can be run with the van engine running or off the high capacity gel batteries charged by a 200W solar panel mounted on the rooftop.

  • Emergency Response Teams in smaller communities are finding the van to be a very affordable and reliable solution for their needs!
  • Affordable, easy to setup, portable or mobile backup solution for many businesses including banks, credit unions, small clinics and more!
  • Sell, sell, sell! Process orders and take credit cards at trade shows, fairs and other rural and remote locations and events!
  • The Mobile communications van is the perfect system for remote construction / building sites! Simply haul it out to your remote site, press a button, purchase a bandwidth package and you'll be online in no-time with built-in Wi-Fi access as well! Then when it's time to move, just stow it, load it up, and head to the next location!
  • When you consider the cost of stationary iDirect equipment, many simply choose to invest in a completely portable and mobile system instead that doesn't even have to be installed by a certified installer! Just push the button and within 5-7 minutes, you'll be online from almost anywhere!


The van is fully equipped with state of the art satellite internet equipment offering high performance and low power consumption. Datasat 845 Satellite Internet Antenna with Direct TV channel connectivity is the framework for reliable satellite internet and TV. Currently one of the fastest most reliable mobile connectivity systems sold on the market, .85 meter antenna for optimal performance, One-touch automatic satellite controller with iDirect Evolution X5 satellite modem.

The solar panel and the large capacity batteries are large enough to be used as main or secondary power source to fully operate the van independently for days.

Comfortable workstation equipped with a fridge, work bench, ergonomic chair, 65" work desk with 6 power sockets and TV Screen with HDMI connectivity for all your media devices.

Interior is customized with red LED night lights and black window blinds for 100% privacy.

Our customers have the options to customize the van according to their requirements. Specific equipment and technology can be installed upon customer request.

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  • DataSat 845 Satellite Antenna
  • iDirect ACU MODEM
  • 4 x 480W FLOOD LIGHTS
  • Wi-Fi ROUTER
  • 32" TV
  • 65" WORK DESK
  • 70" WORK BENCH


  • Freightliner Sprinter 2500
  • Turbocharged diesel
  • Accommodates 5 total (includes driver)


  • Exterior LED scene lights
  • Aluminum antenna roof rail system
  • Rear swing outdoors/access equip rack
  • Roof access ladder
  • Emergency warning system
  • Spare tire


  • 2 work stations
  • 32" TV
  • Wi-Fi hotspot
  • 6 Electric sockets
  • Telephone
  • Work Bench
  • Electronics equipment rack
  • LED lights
  • Fridge
  • Blacked windows
  • Raised coined flooring