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ToughSat XP Mobile Satellite VSAT Fly Away Kit - 16w BUC with 1.2m dish

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$1,995 .00 / wk

The Toughsat XP or SP Mobile Satellite System capable of 20/5 Mbps

● Toughsat TS2 ACU (Antenna Control Unit) with integrated 4 port wireless router.

● Evolution X7 Satellite Gateway (or other purchased

VSAT gateway).

● 50 feet of cable run between dish and Controller


Key Features

• Complete, ready-to-go system including all components required for operation
• System includes: Mobile Dish, TS2 Controller, iDirect Satellite Gateway and 16 watt BUC
• Easy and quick to deploy and stow, including one-button operation
• No requirement for specialist training or knowledge to operate
• Rapid satellite lock and connectivity establishment
• Establishes a local area wireless network (100-foot radius) automatically
• Auto-stow feature - dish will automatically stow if rig is moved or dish goes off signal
• Operates globally in northern or southern hemispheres
• Uses Ground Control as the service provider or any iDirect service provider worldwide
•Bundled with our high-performance iDirect service providing 20Mbps x 5Mbps internet speeds
• Service pricing available for Public Safety Organizations. SAFECOM-complaint.
• Ideal for our VoIP phone service. Connect one or 10 phones that work like any phone
• Optional antenna booster extends wireless connectivity up to half a mile.
• Connect up to 256 devices with Integrated full feature 4-port router
•SNG rated to stream live video at guaranteed 4 x 4Mbps with our streaming services
• Powerful TS2 Antenna Controller Unit with intuitive web-based interface for system configuration, diagnostics and control
• Black anodized billet aluminum construction, UV-resistant plastics, sealed all-weather electronics
• Removes vehicle clearance issue with stow heights below 12 inches
• Modular design - components easily replaced in field
• Manufactured by Ground Control at our plant in California
• Standard 12 month warranty - parts and on-site labor
• Extended and lifetime radio electronics warranties available
• 24-7 US-based technical support from Ground Control included
• Optional UPS. A back-up battery for stowing the dish if power is shut off or disconnected