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  • AIS Alert: Notifies nearby AIS-equipped vessels for faster rescue response.
  • Return Link Service (RLS): Provides confirmation that distress message is received.
  • NFC Connectivity: Connects to smartphone for monitoring and data access.
  • Global Positioning: Accurate worldwide positioning using GNSS networks.
  • Faster Rescue: AIS integration guides vessels directly to your location.
  • Advanced Satellite Connectivity: Transmits distress signals via 406 MHz frequency.
  • Strobe Lights: Visible and infrared for easy target identification.
  • ACR Reliability: Built by ACR, a trusted name in marine safety and rescue.


Get the GlobalFix V5 AIS EPIRB Automatic Release Bracket with AIS and RLS. This cutting-edge emergency device takes maritime safety to a whole new level. The ACR GlobalFix V5 AIS Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon is equipped with innovative features that ensure your distress message is quickly and accurately received for a prompt rescue.

One of the standout features is the Automatic Identification System (AIS) alert, which provides the fastest and easiest path to rescue. When activated, the EPIRB transmits an AIS safety message on VHF frequencies, instantly visible to any AIS-equipped vessel nearby. This immediate notification increases the chances of nearby vessels responding rapidly to your distress signal.

Adding to the sense of security, the GlobalFix V5 incorporates Return Link Service (RLS) functionality. RLS ensures you receive direct confirmation that your distress message has been received by the beacon. This visual reassurance minimizes stress in critical situations, knowing that rescuers are aware of your predicament.

Unprecedented connectivity and accessibility are made possible with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. Utilize your smartphone and connect to the EPIRB to access valuable data and interactive features previously unavailable. Monitor the EPIRB's status, including battery life, self-tests, GNSS tests, and activation duration. The NFC-enabled ACR Product App grants complete control and peace of mind, ensuring the device’s optimal functionality.

The GlobalFix V5 EPIRB combines its advanced features with superior performance. It leverages GNSS (GPS, Galileo, Glonass) positioning networks to accurately determine your location worldwide within a range of 100 meters. Upon activation, the beacon transmits a distress signal via the 406 MHz frequency to the Cospas Sarsat satellite rescue system, triggering ground stations and initiating rescue operations. Simultaneously, AIS technology broadcasts your location to nearby AIS-equipped vessels, eliminating delays in response time.

In emergency situations, time is of the essence. The GlobalFix V5's AIS integration enables nearby vessels to navigate directly to your beacon by selecting the AIS target on their onboard display. This remarkable advancement expedites rescue and recovery operations, potentially saving lives.

With its sturdy construction and reliability, the GlobalFix V5 EPIRB embodies ACR's commitment to marine safety and rescue technology. ACR, a global leader in the field, has seamlessly merged durability and advanced features to enhance rescue response time.

For mariners, whether coastal cruisers, offshore workers, or ocean crossers, the GlobalFix V5 is the ultimate companion. Stay safe and secure on the water with the GlobalFix V5 AIS EPIRB Automatic Release Bracket - the beacon that maximizes your chances of a swift and successful rescue.

Technical Specifications

  • 4.7cm x 10.9cm x 11.1cm / 18.5in x 4.3in x 4.36in
  • 0.81kg / 1.78lbs
  • Operating Temperate: -20°C to +55°C / -4F° to +131F°
  • Storage Temperate: -30°C to +70°C / -22F° to +158F°
  • Deployment: Hydrostatic Release (auto deploy)
  • AIS: AIS Alerts for Local Rescue
  • RLS: Return Link Service confirmation direct to beacon
  • NFC & Mobile App: Near Field Communication and Mobile App Included
  • Strobe: White & Infrared Dual Technology
  • Battery: Lithium battery Li/FeS2
  • Operational Life: 48 hours minimum at -20°C / -4°F