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ACR GlobalFix V6 Survival Kit (2382)

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  • Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB): Accurately transmits distress signals via 406 MHz satellite connectivity.
  • Return Link Service (RLS): Provides visual confirmation that distress messages are received.
  • Near Field Communication (NFC): Allows easy monitoring and diagnostics via smartphones.
  • RapidDitch Express Bag: Organizes essential safety gear with buoyancy to float up to 15 lbs.
  • Auto HemiLight 3: Automatically activates upon water contact with over 20 hours of flashing.
  • C-Strobe H2O SOLAS Strobe Light: Features three operational modes, including immersion activation.
  • WW-3 ResQ Whistle: Emits a shrill dual-tone up to 100 decibels for attention.
  • Bivy Signal Mirror: Enhances visibility and aids in drawing attention to your location.


Your Essential Maritime Safety Bundle

In the unpredictable waters of the vast ocean, staying prepared is not a choice; it's a necessity. Introducing the ACR GlobalFix V6 Survival Kit – an ensemble of meticulously designed safety tools that collectively promise to be your trusted partner during maritime endeavors. This comprehensive package includes the ACR GlobalFix V6 Cat II GPS EPIRB with AIS and RLS, the RapidDitch Express Bag for storing your essential safety gear, the Auto HemiLight 3 HL3, the C-Strobe H2O SOLAS Strobe Light, the Bivy Signal Mirror, and the WW-3 Res-Q Whistle. Let's delve deeper into what each component brings to your safety net.

Your Beacon of Hope

When venturing into the vast expanses of the ocean, you need a trustworthy device that acts as your beacon of hope, and the ACR GlobalFix V6 Cat II EPIRB is just that. This state-of-the-art Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon not only ensures that your distress signals are received but also confirms the reception with its Return Link Service (RLS) technology. With its NFC capabilities, you can seamlessly monitor the EPIRB's performance via your smartphone, ensuring that it's always in optimal condition. It's not just a device; it's a promise of ACR's unwavering commitment to your safety in the deep blues.

Safety in Organization

Safety isn't just about having the right tools; it's also about having them accessible and organized. The ACR RapidDitch Express Bag ensures you have all your safety gear within arm’s reach. Its innovative shoulder strap system guarantees that everyone stays connected in the water, ensuring that no one drifts away in trying times.

Lighting the Way

In the vast darkness of the ocean, light becomes the single most crucial factor in ensuring rescue. The ACR Auto HemiLight 3, smaller and more efficient than other SOLAS-approved lights, gets activated upon contact with water, signaling your position. Additionally, the versatile C-Strobe H2O SOLAS Strobe Light provides three operational modes, ensuring that you're visible to rescuers under any circumstances.

Sound & Sight

In times of distress, sound and sight become the primal modes of communication. The ACR WW-3 ResQ Whistle ensures that your call for help resonates far and wide with its shrill dual-tone. Complementing the whistle, the Bivy Signal Mirror further aids in drawing attention to your location.

Sailing with Confidence

The ACR GlobalFix V6 Survival Kit is not just a collection of safety tools; it's a commitment to ensuring that your maritime adventures, whether for recreation or work, are as safe as possible. Equip yourself with the best and sail with confidence.

Technical Specifications

  • 13in x 20in x 16in / 33cm x 50.8cm x 40.6cm
  • 6lbs / 2.72kg
  • EPIRB Operating Temperate: -20°C to +55°C / -4F° to +131F°
  • EPIRB Storage Temperate: -30°C to +70°C / -22F° to +158F°
  • EPIRB Deployment: Hydrostatic Release (auto deploy)
  • EPIRB RLS: Return Link Service confirmation direct to beacon
  • EPIRB NFC & Mobile App: Near Field Communication and Mobile App Included
  • EPIRB Strobe: White & Infrared Dual Technology
  • EPIRB Battery: Lithium battery Li/FeS2
  • EPIRB Operational Life: 48 hours minimum at -20°C / -4°F