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EcoFlow Delta Pro + 400W Portable Solar Panel

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  • High Capacity & Fast Charging: Quick recharge times with extensive power storage.
  • Modular Expansion: Adapt to increasing power needs with expandable capabilities.
  • Versatile Power Outputs: Multiple ports to accommodate a wide range of devices.
  • Smart Control & Monitoring: Efficient energy management through a mobile app.
  • Portable & Durable Solar Panel: Compact design, weather-resistant, and scalable solar energy.

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EcoFlow Delta Pro

Elevate your preparedness with the EcoFlow Delta Pro, the ultimate off-grid power solution. Engineered for dependability, the Delta Pro is your go-to for emergency backup, ensuring essential devices stay powered during critical times. Its high-capacity battery offers rapid charging capabilities, minimizing downtime and keeping you ready for action. The versatility of this powerhouse lies in its expandable power reserves, allowing you to adapt to evolving energy needs. Equipped with a variety of output ports, the Delta Pro can handle everything from communication tools to essential appliances. Enhanced with smart management features, it enables effective power resource control and remote monitoring through a mobile app, ensuring you're always prepared.

400W Portable Solar Panel

Complementing the Delta Pro is the EcoFlow 400W Portable Solar Panel, a key component for sustainable energy harvesting. Its sleek, foldable design allows for discreet, efficient solar power generation in any location. Built to withstand harsh weather conditions, this panel guarantees reliable power in diverse environments. With the capability to daisy-chain multiple panels, you can scale your solar energy production to meet growing demands. Designed for seamless integration with EcoFlow power stations, this solar panel solidifies your energy autonomy, aligning with a self-reliant lifestyle.

Use Cases:

  1. Emergency Preparedness: The Delta Pro and 400W Solar Panel provide reliable power during emergencies, keeping essential devices and communication tools operational.
  2. Mobile Power Station: Ideal for job sites and fieldwork, this bundle powers laptops, tools, and electronic equipment, with modular expansion for additional capacity.
  3. Off-Grid Adventures: An excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts, offering sustainable power for camping gear and appliances, with portable solar recharging capabilities.

Ideal For:

  • Preppers seeking a reliable off-grid power solution.
  • Professionals needing portable power for job sites.
  • Adventurers requiring sustainable power for extended trips.

Embrace energy independence with the EcoFlow Delta Pro + 400W Portable Solar Panel Bundle – a comprehensive solution for sustainable power, anywhere, anytime.


  • The EcoFlow Delta Pro + 400W Solar Panel Bundle delivers fast, expandable power and smart monitoring, paired with efficient, foldable solar charging. Ideal for emergencies, remote work, or off-grid adventures, it offers reliable, portable, and sustainable energy independence, anytime, anywhere.


EcoFlow Delta Pro + 400W Portable Solar Panel Includes:

  • 1 EcoFlow DELTA Pro Portable Power Station
  • 1 EcoFlow 400W Portable Solar Panel

Technical Specifications

  • DELTA Pro Weight: 99 lbs
  • 400W Solar Panel Weight: 35.3 lbs