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EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2

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  • Seamless Integration with EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra for enhanced energy management.
  • Wide Compatibility with up to 3 inverters and 15 stackable 6kWh batteries for robust backup.
  • Diverse Energy Sources Support from solar and portable gas generators for reliable power.
  • 20-ms Auto-Switchover ensures continuous power supply during outages.
  • Smart Energy Management for optimizing backup power and predicting outages.
  • Circuit Control Mode to prioritize essential circuits, extending backup time.
  • EcoFlow App Integration for detailed energy management and customization.
  • Modular Design for easy, flexible installation in various home setups.


Intelligent Energy Management

Discover the future of home energy with the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2, a sophisticated solution designed for seamless energy efficiency and reliability. This intelligent subpanel not only integrates with your EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra but also enhances your home's energy management. Through its Smart Energy Management system, it optimizes backup power duration and anticipates outages by analyzing hourly weather data. Experience personalized energy usage, tailored to your home's solar production and varying time-of-use rates, ensuring your essentials are powered with cost-effectiveness at the forefront.

Diverse Energy Sources

The EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2 shines with its compatibility with a range of energy sources, including solar panels and gas generators. This adaptability allows you to harness solar energy for an eco-friendly power supply, significantly cutting down on electricity bills. In less sunny conditions, its capability to connect with portable gas generators ensures your home remains powered, providing a reliable energy solution regardless of weather conditions. This versatility is key to maintaining energy security and convenience.

Advanced Backup and Efficiency

Power interruptions are no longer a concern with the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2. Its 20-ms auto-switchover function ensures an almost instantaneous transition to backup power during an outage, safeguarding against spoiled food and damaged appliances. Moreover, the panel's Circuit Control mode allows you to prioritize essential circuits, extending backup duration and maximizing energy efficiency. This seamless switch and prioritization ensure uninterrupted life, offering peace of mind and unmatched reliability.

EcoFlow App Integration

Through the EcoFlow App, the Smart Home Panel 2 offers detailed energy management, including Backup Reserve mode, Self-Power mode, and TOU (Time Of Use) mode. These features allow for adjustable energy reserves based on anticipated needs and the use of solar power to reduce grid reliance, alongside leveraging off-peak rates for energy cost savings. Coupled with PowerInsight and a web dashboard, it provides a comprehensive view of your energy strategy, enabling you to monitor, control, and customize your home's power usage with ease. This integration ensures that your EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra system is utilized to its fullest potential.

Seamless Integration and Control

As the central hub for your home's energy system, the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2 ensures that you get the most out of your EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra. Its capacity to connect with up to three plug-and-play inverters and support for 15 stackable 6kWh batteries not only provides extensive backup power but also offers comprehensive control over your household appliances. Designed for compatibility with both current and future EcoFlow solutions, this panel enhances your energy resilience and management, preparing you for a sustainable future.

Technical Specifications

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