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EcoFlow Surge Protector

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  • Surge Protection: 880 Joules rating against electrical spikes.
  • Multiple Outlets: 3 AC and 2 USB ports for various devices.
  • Compact Design: Sleek, space-saving build.
  • Device Longevity: Enhances protection and performance


The EcoFlow Surge Protector is designed to shield your valuable electronics from unexpected power surges and voltage fluctuations. It's a critical device that ensures the longevity and functionality of your electronics by preventing damage from sudden electrical spikes. This protector is equipped with advanced surge protection technology that actively monitors and diverts harmful overvoltage spikes away from your devices.

One of the key features of the EcoFlow Surge Protector is its reliability in surge protection, with a surge protection rating of 880 Joules. This means it can handle significant surges, such as those from lightning strikes or overloaded circuits, keeping your devices safe. Additionally, it offers multi-outlet versatility, featuring 3 AC outlets and 2 USB ports, allowing you to connect and protect multiple devices at once.

Its sleek and compact design ensures that it can blend seamlessly into any workspace or entertainment setup, making it not just a functional piece of technology but also one that fits aesthetically into your home or office. In the box, you'll find the EcoFlow Surge Protector itself, ready to use out of the box.

Given its advanced features and the protection it offers, the EcoFlow Surge Protector is more than just a surge protector; it's an investment in the protection and longevity of your electronic devices.

Technical Specifications

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