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Intellian t130N Global Satellite TV Antenna System

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  • Television everywhere
  • Unlimited azimuth range
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Fully integrated solution
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Introducing the Intellian t130N Global Satellite TV Antenna System, the ultimate solution for uninterrupted television services while at sea. With its 1.25m reflector Ku-band global satellite TV system, the t130N delivers outstanding performance with the added benefits of new and improved hardware and pedestal based on our quality-proven VSAT NX terminals.

The t130N is equipped with modular components, such as the main control unit and skew assembly, that are shared across Intellian's new t-Series antenna, reducing the number of spare parts required. This fully integrated solution is made possible by the Wi-Fi enabled ACU, allowing users to wirelessly connect to the antenna using the all-new integrated M&C platform AptusNTV.

With its unique rotary joint and slip ring solution, the t130N offers unlimited azimuth range, eliminating the need to wait for the antenna to unwrap the cable length once reached. The Wi-Fi function enables the ACU to be wirelessly connected to any device, including PCs, laptops, and smartphones, for easy management and control of the antenna system.

The t130N's WorldView™ LNB module automatically switches to the corresponding Ku-band local frequency, ensuring users receive the signal without the need to switch the LNB. The antenna system is also programmable and equipped with DVB-S2 digital TV receptions. The all-new integrated M&C platform AptusNTV provides a responsive web user interface, with a simple seven-step installation wizard function that configures the antenna system automatically for easier installation and operation.

With its five-cable configuration, the t130N offers easy installation and dual functionality via external Mediator. Additionally, AptusNTV offers users instant diagnostics, performance logging functions, and one-touch updates of firmware and the satellite library. Don't let poor TV services hinder your boating experience, upgrade to the Intellian t130N Global Satellite TV Antenna System today.

Technical Specifications

  • 125 cm (49.2 inch)
  • 117 kg (258 lbs)