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Intellian t85N Global Satellite TV Antenna System

  • Television wherever you are
  • Unlimited azimuth range
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Fully integrated solution
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Introducing the Intellian t85N Global Satellite TV Antenna System, the ultimate solution for those seeking television entertainment on the go. The t85N features an 85cm reflector that provides outstanding performance and exceptional reception quality.

Designed with modular components, the t85N shares common modules with Intellian's new t-Series antenna, reducing the number of spare parts required. The antenna's new hardware structure boasts a five-cable configuration, making installation a breeze. Additionally, the unlimited azimuth range allows uninterrupted TV services, no matter how many turns your vessel makes.

The t85N also features Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing wireless connection of the antenna control unit (ACU). Any device with Wi-Fi capabilities, such as laptops, smartphones, and PCs, can be used to manage and control the antenna system.

The all-new integrated M&C platform AptusNTV offers a responsive web user interface, making installation and operation a breeze. With the seven-step installation wizard function, the antenna system can be configured automatically for easier installation.

The t85N's WorldView™ LNB module automatically switches to the corresponding Ku-band local frequency, eliminating the need to switch the LNB. The antenna's dual setup via external Mediator ensures reliable connectivity, and the programmable WorldView™ Ku-band LNB and DVB-S2 digital TV receptions provide a fully integrated solution for all your satellite TV needs.

Experience unlimited entertainment options wherever you are with the Intellian t85N Global Satellite TV Antenna System.

Technical Specifications

  • Radome: 113 cm x 123 cm / x 48.4in
  • Reflector Diameter: 85cm / 33.5in
  • Antenna Weight: 79.0kg / 174.2 lbs