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Intellian v130NX Ka-band Convertible Maritime Antenna System

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Features: The v130NX is the Ku- to Ka-band convertible antenna which has a frequency-tuned reflector and radome for both satellite bands, ensuring maximum performance in each band.

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Modular Components in NX Series Modular components are commonly used throughout Intellian’s NX antenna series, such as the Main Control Unit and skew assembly. Sharing common modules reduces the number of spare parts.
Simplified Installation Only a single cable is needed for installation, which carries TX, RX, DC power, data, and reference signals between the antenna and the ACU. For dual antenna operations, no additional hardware is required due to Intellian’s new embedded-mediator function ACU.
GEO/MEO/LEO Tracking Capability The v130NX is future-ready, designed with the world’s most accurate satellite tracking performance. Our proven tracking algorithm not only covers GEO, but also MEO and LEO constellations.
High-Power BUC Options The v130NX provides various BUC power options up to 40W for maximum throughput, enabling higher data rates and global operation.
New AptusNX Intellian’s all new AptusNX integrated M&C platform provides a responsive web user interface to manage and control the antenna system, regardless of device type. The installation Wizard in AptusNX automates the functions for system configuration so that operators are minimally involved in system installation, which includes automatic cable loss compensation, line-up tests, and auto-diagnostics.


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