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Intellian v240C Maritime VSAT Antenna System

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Features: Today’s offshore sector strongly values a vessel’s ability to operate globally. The Intellian v240 VSAT antenna features patented automatic switching between circular and linear polarization, which means they work with any C or Ku band satellite in the world.

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The v240C VSAT C-band antenna is ideally suited to provide superb signal clarity from any airtime services provider, in any ocean, even in extreme latitudes. The rugged composition and sturdy design of the antenna and components provides seamless internet, data and voice communications. Intellian's patented Automatic Polarization Switching control feature offers Linear and Circular or Linear only, Circular only a manual change. High gain RF performance, Wide Elevation Angle (-15? ~ +120 degrees), Ship's Gyrocompass and GPS interfaces and the 3-axis stabilization provide secure connectivity for your application needs.
Intellian's v240C supports Automatic Beam Switching via iDirect OpenAMIP & ROSS Open Antenna Management (ROAM) protocols. For remote monitoring and control onboard, the v240C features Wi-Fi access via the ACU and Bluetooth connectivity via the antenna. The v240C requires minimal involvement to commission systems using existing radomes.
Intellian v-Series antennas offer exceptional value and superior RF performance in their respective model standards to ensure that they meet a wide variety of compliance requirements worldwide, all Intellian v-Series equipment meet or exceed FCC and ETSI specifications as well as EN60950, R&TTE, DNV 2.4 Class C and MILSTD-167 specifications.
The v240C VSAT communication system is compatible with service providers using the iDirect, Hughes, Comtech, and SatLink modems. Additional modem networks are continually being added to our scope of connection. The built-in Antenna Control Unit (ACU) Web Interface provides Remote IP access and system diagnosis, eliminating the need for an engineer to attend the vessel to perform routine maintenance and setup parameters. Intellian v-Series system components can be accessed, monitored, and controlled from any web based location in the world. Uplogix compatible, the benefits to end users are reduced operational costs, faster resolution when issues arise and improved security and compliance vs. centralized only management.
All Intellian v-Series antennas are equipped with Wide Elevation Search angles with Automatic Skew Angle Control and unlimited azimuth (no cable un-wrap) for uninterrupted and seamless data communication. This exceptional VSAT system is designed to support single and multi-band LNBs (including Intellian's exclusive PLL Global LNB), both cross-pol and co-pol feeds, various BUC options (25W to 60W) as well as a Dual Mediator option for expanded redundancy and fail safe applications.


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Technical Specifications

  • 240 cm (94 inch)
  • 670 kg (1477 lbs) Variable w/ RF components