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Iridium 9523 Transceiver (LBT9523)

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The Iridium Core 9523 module is Iridium’s smallest, lightest and most advanced voice, data, SMS and Short Burst Data (SBD) satellite transceiver in a compact form factor, enabling simplified global voice and data connectivity through the world’s furthest reaching network.


The 9523 is ideal for integrators who need a very compact satellite transceiver to incorporate into an integrated solution for a specific application or vertical market.

Over 90% more compact than the 9522b model and featuring standardized connectors, it easily integrates into new partner products to reach previously under-served consumer and vertical markets.

  • Ultra compact form factor
  • Pole-to-pole global coverage
  • Voice, SMS and Circuit Switched Data capable
  • Single board transceiver
  • Simple AT Command Set
  • Iridium DPL communications
  • Iridium Push-To-Talk capable
  • Direct PCB integration
  • Larger SBD message capability
  • FCC, Industry Canada, and ITU approval
  • 12 month warranty