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ASE Iridium 9575 PTT Docking Station - Headquarter Dock P

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  • *9575 satellite phone not included
  • Most often installed in-building
  • Screw-on barrel plug and is shipped with an AC/DC converter


*9575 satellite phone not included

ASE Iridium 9575P-HQ Headquarters dock is a ASE POTS dock and is most often installed in-building. This dock has the screw-on barrel plug and is shipped with an AC/DC converter.

For vehicle/vessel installations, a 12V DC (cig lighter plug) cable called the ASE-PS06 can be purchased separately

RF Connectors – Iridium TNC(F), GPS: SMA(F)

Antenna kits (sold separately) from ASE come with the correct mating connectors