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Iridium Certus Thales SureLINK IP Handset

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The SureLINK handset operates with the Thales MissionLINK® and VesseLINK™ systems providing voice communications and system configuration and control at your fingertips. With a large internal speaker and noise cancellation technology, the Thales SureLINK provides clear communications in the noisiest of environments.


Make an emergency call with the onboard Emergency button, use the Thales Softphone application to make or receive phone calls discreetly or through the speakerphone, configure, and monitor the satellite system through the Thales Management Portal from the large touchscreen display.

An Ethernet connection to the terminal allows the Thales SureLINK handset can be conveniently located in just about any desired location within easy reach. This weather resistant design using a Corning® Gorilla® Glass display is sure to withstand the toughest environments in a small handheld package.

Thales SureLINK IP Handset Features:

  • Android based operating system for simple navigation
  • Loud volume exceeding 90 dB SPL in speakerphone mode with noise cancellation technology for use in high noise environments
  • Dedicated Distress button for emergency calls and sending GPS location coordinates
  • Powered over Ethernet connection extends Thales SureLINK up to 100-meters from the terminal
  • Included Thales Softphone application for voice calls and access to the Thales Management Portal for system configuration and monitoring
  • Iridium Push-to-Talk (PTT) ready with dedicated PTT button