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Iridium Latin America Prepaid Service - 200 Minutes

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Latin America and up to 12 nautical miles off shore. This area includes all of Mexico, Central America, and the entire South America continent. Countries within the Caribbean but not limited to Dominican Republic, Cuba, Haiti, and Jamaica are excluded from this


  1. Prepaid SIMs can only be recharged with a voucher that has the same base Provisioning Package as the original activation / voucher. In other words, a SIM Card activated with the Northern Lights Prepaid Plan cannot be recharged by a Global voucher without a full SIM Deactivation / Reactivation.
  2. Prepaid vouchers are either (a) rechargeable and additive, (b) rechargeable and non-additive, or (c) non-rechargeable.  

    (a.) Rechargeable and additive means that recharging the SIM will add the purchased minutes and extend the existing expiration by the additional validity period up to a maximum of 24 mos.

    (b.) Rechargeable and non-additive means that recharging the SIM will add the purchased minutes, but the validity will be extended from the date of topup (and not the existing expiration date).

    (c.) Non-rechargeable means that recharging the SIM will cause all existing minutes and expiration period to be lost.

  3. North America is defined as Canada and the USA. The Caribbean Islands are not included in the definition of North America.
  4. U.S. government regulations forbid Iridium Satellite and/or its affiliates from offering equipment or providing the Iridium service in Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Libya or Sudan, nor to any entity identified in the "Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons" list maintained by the US Office of Foreign Assets Control.
  5. There is a small percentage of instances where the geographic restriction will extend or retract from the regions listed above. Therefore, calls may be interpreted by the system as originating from outside the designated region and will be restricted from placing calls. Service availability is not guaranteed in these instances.
  6. Because 50-minute vouchers do not include any expiry time, 50-minute vouchers used at initial activation will automatically add one 30-day-voucher at the same time. To clarify, submitting a 50-minute voucher at activation will add a 50-minute voucher plus a 30-day voucher, and be charged accordingly.

Technical Specifications

  • 200 minutes
Valid for
  • 6 months
Text (min)
  • 1 text = 1/3 min
  • $225.00