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Beam IsatDock2 Marine Docking Station (ISD2Marine)

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  • Supports voice services via Bluetooth, RJ11/POTS, hands-free speakerphone or the active privacy handset
  • Status LED with adjustable brightness
  • Handset to be used in a wide variety of maritime applications


IsatDock2 MARINE allows the IsatPhone 2 handset to be used in a wide variety of maritime applications, the intelligent RJ11/POTS interface enables cable runs of up to 600m to connect standard corded, cordless or DECT handsets to be used or alternatively interfaced with a PBX system presenting standard ring, busy and dial tones like a standard phone network.

The MARINE Dock supports voice services via Bluetooth, RJ11/POTS, hands free speakerphone or the active privacy handset inbuilt to the terminal. The IsatPhone 2 is completely enclosed in the docking unit whilst still giving full access and functionality to the user maintaining the IP54 rating of the handset.

  • High quality Marine Grade design
  • Bluetooth connectivity, via IsatPhone 2
  • RJ11/POTS interface, cable runs up to 600m/2000ft
  • Dedicated Privacy Handset
  • Voice, SMS and Circuit Switched Data capable
  • Tracking and SOS (Via the ISatPhone 2 handset)
  • USB data interface
  • Accessory / Ignition sense
  • 10-32V DC power input
  • AC Plug pack included 110/240 input
  • Supports Active and Passive Inmarsat antennas
  • Full certified, Inmarsat, RoHS, CE, IEC60945, AS/EN60950
Tracking Features
  • Dedicated internal GPS receiver
  • Tracking
  • Periodic location messages
  • SMS, SMS to email
  • Location message sent upon button press
  • Ignition ON/OFF reporting
  • Remote location polling via SMS Instant Message Mode
  • Single button press on terminal
  • Instant GPS location messages
  • Supports external “man down” pendant or button
  • Remote clearing of alert via SMS
  • Tracking/Instant Message

Technical Specifications

  • Unit : 10.87L x 8.18W x 3.93H inches
  • Outer Box : 13W x 7.5D x 9.1H inches
  • Dock : 3.67lbs
  • Box : 5.99lbs
  • Operating Range : -22°F to +158°F
  • Storage : -31°F to +185°F
  • Battery Charging : 32°F to +113°F
  • Humidity : <= 75% RH
Power - Average Power Consumption Current @ 12V
  • Power w/o IsatPhone 2 : 1.6W
  • Standby + Charging : 4.3W
  • Transmit + Charging : 10.5W
  • Sleep Mode : 60mW
  • Peak Current : 42W
Usage Control Features
I/O Alarm/Alert
  • Track : In-built - single key press
  • 1 x Alarm Loop : Bare wire - Normally Closed loop IN to OUT
  • POTS/RJ11 : RJ11/2-wire, 5REN @ 600m, Adjustable dial, ring, busy tone configured frequency and adaptive impedance.
  • Antenna : TNC-Female
  • GPS Antenna : SMA-Female
  • 10-32 VDC : 4-way microFit (AC/DC adaptor, or DC lead)
  • Privacy Handset Port : RJ9 connector
  • Configuration / Data : USB Micro
  • Speakerphone : In-built speaker/microphone
  • LEDs/Buttons : Status LED, Personal Alert/Track, Mute, Speakerphone, Up and Down