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Peplink Maritime Eneterprise Package

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Package: Peplink Maritime Eneterprise Package
Peplink Pepwave MAX MBX Mini] Peplink Maritime Eneterprise Package Starlink FutureNet Maritime Enterprise Bundle


Tailored for Maritime Environments

The Peplink Maritime Enterprise Package is specifically designed to enhance the connectivity and network management on maritime vessels. This comprehensive kit includes two Peplink AP One AX Wi-Fi 6 Access Points, two Peplink Maritime 40G Antennas, a Peplink MAX MBX Mini router, and a Virtual WAN Activation License. These components are expertly engineered to deliver reliable, high-speed internet access and robust network performance in marine settings.

Robust and Reliable Connectivity at Sea

Featuring Wi-Fi 6 technology, the AP One AX Access Points offer significantly faster speeds and increased device capacity, ensuring high-quality connections even in dense, challenging maritime environments. The Maritime 40G Antennas are built to withstand the rigorous conditions at sea, with a 4x4 MIMO configuration for enhanced signal strength and an IP68 rating that guarantees protection against water and dust.

Advanced Network Management for Maritime Operations

The MAX MBX Mini router brings unparalleled flexibility to maritime network configurations, with dual-band Wi-Fi, multiple cellular WAN options, and PoE capable LAN ports. Integrated with Peplink's SD-WAN technology, the package allows for seamless network management, providing centralized control and easy deployment across various maritime operations. This bundle is the ideal choice for vessels seeking to maintain continuous, secure, and manageable connectivity while navigating through coastal and open waters.


  • Wi-Fi 6 support
  • IP68-rated durability
  • SD-WAN integration
  • Centralized management
  • Dual-band operation


Peplink Maritime Eneterprise Package Includes: