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Peplink Mobility Antenna 42G w/ 6.5ft cable - White

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  • Comprehensive 7-in-1 Design: Integrates 4x LTE/5G, 2x Wi-Fi, and 1x GPS.
  • Durable IP68 Construction: Built to withstand environmental extremes.
  • Elevated LTE Gain: Reaches up to 8.2 dBi for unmatched connectivity.
  • Advanced C-Band Support: Ensures superior throughput speeds.
  • Omnidirectional 4x4 MIMO: Optimizes performance for mobile use.
  • Straightforward Installation: Offers flexible panel, wall, or pole mounting.
  • Expansive Frequency Coverage: Accommodates 600-6000MHz for wide-ranging support.


Enhanced Mobile Connectivity: MOBILITY 42G Black Antenna

Presenting the Peplink Mobility 42G, a comprehensive 7-in-1 antenna system tailored for mobile applications requiring top-tier cellular, Wi-Fi, and GPS connectivity. This sleek black version features 4xLTE/5G, 2x Wi-Fi, and 1xGPS channels, supporting a broad frequency range from 600 to 6000MHz. Designed to cater to the rigorous demands of public safety, mobile healthcare, and transportation connectivity, the Mobility 42G ensures optimal performance with 8.2 dBi LTE gain, extensive C-Band support for enhanced throughput, and an IP68 rating for durability against environmental challenges.

Robust and Future-Proof Design

Encased in a robust, IP68-rated housing, the black Mobility 42G antenna stands up to dust, water, and harsh weather conditions, making it ideal for challenging outdoor environments. Its low-profile design and black finish allow for discreet integration on any vehicle or mobile unit, ensuring aesthetics are maintained without compromising on performance. The antenna's 4x4 MIMO omnidirectional capability significantly improves mobile connectivity, making it a powerful ally for 5G networks and beyond.

Versatile Installation and Broad Compatibility

The ANT-MB-42G-S-B-6 model is designed for ease of installation, compatible with panel, wall, or pole mounting to suit a variety of deployment scenarios. Its ultra-wide bandwidth facilitates seamless LTE and 5G connectivity, while the dual-band Wi-Fi antennas offer extensive local network coverage. This model's exceptional performance across the 3.3 and 4.2 GHz frequency ranges promises a significant throughput speed boost, positioning the MOBILITY 42G as an indispensable tool for any advanced mobile network setup.