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Peplink Pepwave MAX BR1 Mini 5G

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  • Future-proof Technology: Equipped with the latest 5G and LTE technology.
  • Global Deployment: Single SKU for extensive 5G/LTE band support.
  • Easy Integration: Plug-and-play for Private 5G networks.
  • Dual Functionality: Can be used as a 5G adapter or a gateway/router.
  • Comprehensive Management: Features InTouch and InControl2 for advanced network control.
  • Rugged Design: Metal case certified for shock and vibration resistance.
  • Security First: Offers stateful firewall, DoS prevention, and VPN solutions.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for POTS, IoT, kiosks, remote surveillance, and more.


Elevate Your Network with Peplink BR1 Mini 5G

The Peplink BR1 Mini 5G stands at the forefront of network technology, providing an affordable, long-lasting solution for mass 5G deployments. As the digital world transitions from 4G to 5G, this device ensures your network is not left behind, offering the latest 5G technology to keep you ahead for years to come. With its capability to future-proof your network, the BR1 Mini 5G is an investment in reliability and performance.

Global Connectivity Made Simple

Designed with global deployments in mind, the Peplink BR1 Mini 5G features a single SKU that supports an extensive list of 5G/LTE bands. It boasts native support for both 5G NSA and SA modes, as well as Private 5G, making device integration effortless. Whether your network needs a 5G adapter or a multi-WAN gateway/router, the BR1 Mini 5G offers a hassle-free solution, ensuring seamless operation and connectivity.

Advanced Network Management and Security

Peplink BR1 Mini 5G goes beyond connectivity, offering comprehensive tools for network management and security. Stay connected to your devices with InTouch, providing out-of-band management at 5G speeds. InControl2, our cloud-based management system, allows for efficient monitoring and management of your entire network from a single screen. Security features like stateful firewall, DoS prevention, and complete VPN solutions ensure your network remains safe and secure.

Robust and Reliable for Every Environment

This rugged and reliable 5G cellular router is built to last, housed in a durable metal case that's certified for shock and vibration resistance. Designed for remote operations, it enables efficient management via Peplink InControl2 and Peplink InTouch, reducing the need for field visits. With its advanced features, the BR1 Mini 5G is perfectly suited for a variety of applications, including POTS, IoT, kiosks, remote surveillance, and mobility, making it a versatile choice for any setup.


  • 5G/4G LTE Support
  • Global Band Compatibility
  • Plug-and-Play Integration
  • Out-of-Band Management
  • Remote Network Monitoring
  • Rugged Metal Housing
  • Advanced Security Options
  • VPN with AES Encryption
  • Dynamic DNS Services
  • Comprehensive QoS Controls


Peplink Pepwave MAX BR1 Mini 5G Includes:

  • 1x BR1 Mini 5G
  • 4x LTE/5G Antennas (ACW-235)
  • 1x 12V 2A 4pin Power Supply (ACW-632)