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SAILOR 6081 Power Supply 300W/28V DC Incl Charger and Wall Tray

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Power Supply for completing the Sailor 6110 GMDSS or other Sailor satellite installations.


The Power Supply Unit and Charger provides DC power at five DC power outlets (all separately fused) and a 15 V DC power outlet for SAILOR 3027 mini-C Transceiver. It also charges automatically a connected battery. If the AC power fails the power supply delivers DC power from the connected battery. You can access control and monitoring data via the Ethernet interface. There are relay outputs for AC outage and battery voltage alarm. The power supply provides up to 1480 W in total. Depending on the output power needed, the Power Supply Unit and Charger includes up to four SAILOR 6080 units and one connector panel. The SAILOR 6081 can be upgraded on site to more output power by adding up to three SAILOR 6080 units.