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SatStation Deluxe Junction Box - Iridium 9575 Extreme

Tags: Docking Stations
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  • Access to the Iridium network indoors, below decks, in their vehicle or on board their aircraft
  • Integrating with the phone’s Emergency SOS feature to maximize safety
  • Full duplex hands-free operation


The Extreme Dock is engineered specifically for the Iridium 9575, integrating with the phone’s Emergency SOS feature to maximize safety.


Sleek and compact

Integrates with Emergency SOS button

Full duplex hands-free operation

Toggle between loudspeaker or private mode

Echo cancellation and background noise filtering

Charges phone battery

Made in the USA

Technical Specifications

  • Input voltage range: 11V dc to 32V dc
  • Operating ambient: -30C to +60 C