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Ultimate Survival Go Bag: Be Prepared for Anything

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Emergency Ready, Always Connected

In a world where unpredictability is the only certainty, the Ultimate Survival Go Bag stands as a beacon of preparedness and resilience. This meticulously curated survival kit not only ensures your readiness for natural disasters and unforeseen emergencies but also keeps you connected to civilization, no matter your location.

Designed for the Resilient Survivor:

More than just an assortment of items, this go bag is a declaration of independence from uncertainty. Constructed with durable, all-weather materials, it organizes essential tools and technology in a compact, easy-to-carry backpack, ensuring you're always prepared.

For the Discerning Prepper:

This go bag is an indispensable asset for anyone who prioritizes safety, communication, and self-sufficiency. It's designed for individuals who refuse to be caught off guard, offering peace of mind in an ever-changing world.

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This narrative maintains the structure you outlined, focusing on the new items and features of the updated Ultimate Survival Go Bag.

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  • Enhanced Global Connectivity: Includes an ACR Bivy Stick with a Nokia smartphone and 36 months of service. Stay linked with the world anywhere via Iridium satellite texting, ensuring safety and communication without extra fees for three years.
  • Sustainable Power Solutions: Equipped with the Biolite SolarPanel 5+ and Biolite Charge 40PD, guaranteeing that your devices remain powered in the most remote locations.
  • Advanced Device Protection: The GoDark® Faraday Tablet Sleeve and Phone Bag shield your electronics from tracking, EMPs, and radiation, securing your digital footprint.
  • Precision and Reliability: Features the Dawson Consequences Covert Knife, a top-tier tool for survival scenarios, emphasizing stealth and efficiency.
  • Illumination for All Conditions: A BioLite HeadLamp and a 100 Lumen All Weather Rubber Coated Pocket Flashlight provide reliable light sources in any environment.
  • Emergency Shelter and Warmth: Comes with a Tact Bivvy® 2.0 Emergency Sleeping Bag, Pocket Blanket, Emergency Poncho, and HotHands Hand Warmers, ensuring protection against the elements.
  • Water and Fire Essentials: Includes a LifeStraw for clean drinking water, alongside a 5-Piece Cookware Mess Kit and robust fire starters for sustenance and warmth.
  • Comprehensive Emergency Kit: Contains a Micro Scream Emergency Whistle, a 100-piece First Aid Kit in a waterproof dry sack, ensuring preparedness for any crisis.
  • Utility Tools for Survival: With 50ft of 550lb Paracord, Bungee cords, and Duck Tape, you’re equipped to handle diverse survival tasks.
  • Emergency Currency: Contains 8 x 1oz Silver Rounds (SilverTowne Buffalo or Eagle Round), providing a tangible asset in times of need.


  • 1 x ACR Bivy Stick with Nokia smartphone and 36 months of service, your Bivy will have service for the next 3 years with no additional fee.
  • 8 x 1oz Silver Rounds coins (SilverTowne Buffalo or Eagle Round, depending on availability)
  • 1 x Dawson Resonance Covert Knife
  • 1 x Biolite SolarPanel 5+
  • 1 x Biolite Charge 40PD
  • 1 x GoDark® Faraday Tablet Sleeve
  • 1 x GoDark® Faraday Phone Bag
  • 1 x Tough Tesla Lighter 2.0
  • 1 x Tact Bivvy® 2.0 Emergency Sleeping Bag
  • 1 x Micro Scream Emergency Whistle
  • 1 x Pocket Blanket
  • 1 x BioLite HeadLamp 425
  • 1 x Emergency Poncho
  • 1 x Duraflame Fire Starter
  • 1 x Spark-Lite Military Fire Starter Kit
  • 1 x LifeStraw
  • 2 x 2-Pair Pack HotHands Hand Warmers
  • 1 x Anti-Fire Smoke Mask
  • 1 x First Aid Kit, 100 piece, Waterproof dry sack
  • 50ft x 550lb Paracord
  • 2 x 24" Bungee cords
  • 1 x Duck Tape brand 30' roll of duct tape
  • 1 x 5-Piece Cookware Mess Kit
  • 1 x 100 Lumen All Weather Rubber Coated Pocket Flashlight
  • 1 x Compact All-Weather Backpack


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Ultimate Survival Go Bag: Be Prepared for Anything

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  • Nokia Smart Device Bivy Companion
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