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Peplink Maritime Yacht Package

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Package: Peplink Maritime Yacht Package
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Optimized for Maritime Excellence

The Peplink Maritime Yacht Package is engineered to meet the unique demands of maritime connectivity, providing a comprehensive network solution for yachts and marine vessels. This package includes two Peplink AP One AX Access Points, two Peplink Maritime 40G Antennas, the Peplink MAX BR1 Pro 5G router, a Peplink 8 port PoE Switch, and a Virtual WAN Activation License, ensuring seamless internet access and robust network management at sea.

High-Performance Network Components

The package features state-of-the-art technology designed for the marine environment. The AP One AX Access Points utilize Wi-Fi 6 technology to ensure fast and reliable Wi-Fi coverage across the vessel, supporting a high number of devices and enterprise-grade roaming capabilities. The Maritime 40G Antennas are specifically crafted for maritime use, offering exceptional signal reception with a 4x4 MIMO configuration and an IP68 rating for durability against water and UV exposure.

Advanced Connectivity and Control

At the heart of the package, the MAX BR1 Pro 5G router provides ultra-fast 5G connectivity, tailored for high-speed internet needs at sea. The included 8 port PoE Switch enables flexible network expansions and power management of connected devices via Ethernet, enhancing the overall efficiency of the yacht's network system. With the Virtual WAN Activation License, users gain access to advanced network settings and management through Peplink's InControl system, ensuring optimal performance and ease of use.


  • Enhanced Wi-Fi 6
  • IP68-rated antennas
  • 5G router included
  • 8-port PoE switch
  • Virtual WAN license