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Peplink Sailor's Package

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Package: Peplink Sailor's Package
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Tailored Connectivity for Maritime Operations

The Peplink Sailor's Package is specifically designed to address the connectivity needs of maritime environments. This robust package includes the Peplink AP One AX Lite Wi-Fi 6 Access Point, Peplink Maritime 40G Antenna, Peplink MAX BR1 Pro 5G router, Peplink 8-port POE Switch, and a Virtual WAN Activation License. Each component is chosen to ensure reliable, high-speed internet access and efficient network management aboard yachts, commercial vessels, and at maritime facilities.

Enhanced Network Components for Superior Performance

The Peplink AP One AX Lite Access Point brings the latest in Wi-Fi 6 technology, offering enhanced speeds and improved device capacity suitable for dense environments like those found at sea. The device ensures seamless network transitions through its enterprise-grade roaming capabilities and integrates effortlessly with Peplink’s SD-WAN solutions for streamlined network management. Paired with the robust Peplink Maritime 40G Antenna, which features a 4x4 MIMO configuration and an IP68 rating, it guarantees exceptional signal strength and durability against harsh marine conditions.

Comprehensive and Flexible Network Setup

The inclusion of the Peplink MAX BR1 Pro 5G router in the package provides cutting-edge 5G connectivity, optimizing online experiences for bandwidth-intensive maritime operations. The Peplink 8-port POE Switch enhances the setup by enabling direct connections and power supply to multiple devices via Ethernet, simplifying the overall installation and minimizing cable clutter. Utilizing the Virtual WAN Activation License, users gain access to advanced network customization and management capabilities through Peplink's InControl system, ensuring optimal performance and ease of monitoring for maritime communication systems.


  • Wi-Fi 6 Technology
  • Robust IP68 antenna
  • High-speed 5G router
  • 8-port efficient POE
  • Comprehensive WAN management